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    The main objective of the forum is to explore the research works pertaining to energy-efficient materials and nanomaterials which are suggested for the fields of energy and manufacturing. In the electronics field, materials are developed to reduce the size, volume, and weight of the systems, and subsequently, they can perform well with minimum power consumption for long-run operations. Likewise, in the thermal system, materials are developed to improve the heat transfer characteristics of the working fluids and to achieve a higher thermal conductivity. Also, innovative materials are developed to improve the strength of the composites for automobile parts and building constructions. Also, this forum encourages the researchers who have been working on other than the above-said subjects but within the scope of the conference theme, to submit innovative research works to the conference. Further, this conference is focused to bring out eminent researchers, scientists, and aspiring scholars who have been attempting experimental and analytical investigations in the fields concerned with the conference theme to share their breakthrough research works on a common platform.

    The goal of ICFMEM 2023 is to provide an opportunity for researchers in the field of functional materials for energy and manufacturing to develop world-class integrity. This conference is going to take place on April 26 & 27, 2023, with the joint participation of RanBal Research Institute, India and SET School, Khulna University, Bangladesh.

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